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The Importance of Sleep Testing
couple sleeping in bed sleep apnea snoringSleep problems are one of the most overlooked issues. Many people think that they are fine, despite others telling them about their level of snoring or gasping while sleeping. Other people are afraid of the sleep study and would rather deal with their issue on their own. Before giving up on the effectiveness of the study, you should learn about them. Remember that sleep apnea can cause premature death, stroke or heart attack; this should be reason enough for you to have a study completed. If you suffer from daytime drowsiness or are told that you snore or gasp in your sleep excessively, it is well worth have a qualified study performed.

In Lab Sleep Study
These studies are completed in a sleep lab. Each lab will differ in how it is set up, but the basics will include a bed to sleep in, a bathroom and the medical equipment that the doctors will need to conduct the study. Some labs have other amenities including a television or other furniture to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Most doctors will allow you to bring your favorite items from home, such as your pajamas, pillows or blankets that you normally sleep with at night. They want you to feel as comfortable as possible in the lab so that you are able to sleep and the study can be as accurate as possible.

Home Sleep Study
Traditionally, sleep studies have been performed in specialized sleep laboratories. In most cases a home sleep study is an excellent alternative to the in-lab sleep study. The testing equipment is delivered to your home by a technician and instructions are given on proper use of the device. A technician is also available by phone (24 hour support) to answer any questions you may have related to the equipment. The device is picked up the next day and test data is provided to a credentialed physician who is board certified in sleep medicine for interpretation.
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