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Brunette laying down sleeping in pink"I have been wearing the mouth appliance for Sleep Apnea for a couple of years. It has made a big difference! Without it, I would wake up several times during the night. The appliance is similar to a mouth guard. It is comfortable and easy to use. It locks in place and the lower piece pulls the jaw outward in order to open up the airway at the back of my throat, giving full air flow. Actually you never even know the jaw is pulled outward.

It is a great alternative if CPAP is not wanted or can't be tolerated. I would recommend this appliance to anyone that has sleep apnea or even snoring issues!"

-Karen Doby

"I used to wake up gasping for air, feeling as if I had been having a nightmare in which someone was suffocating me. After a brief adjustment period of about one week, I began to actually look forward to going to bed wearing the Somnodent appliance that Dr. Cheryl fitted me with. I now know I will get a restful night's sleep and awake feeling refreshed. I have so much more energy, and my husband loves that I no longer snore. This is one of the best decisions I have made for my health."


"My husband would keep me up and wake me up every night with his snoring. After several rounds of different pillows and propping up, he was fitted and received the mouth device from Dr. Freeman's office. I'm delighted to say that he has not awoken me or himself up from snoring since. This is a great device, and I only wish he had it years ago."

-Karan Tedder
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